“Tomatoes” help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit?

Tomatoes are fruits” which is true to the botanical definition. Because fruit is the part of the fully developed ovary of flowering plants. Vegetables are edible plants of herbaceous plants. Whether it’s roots, leaves, stems, bulbs, shoots, or flowers, most people tend to mistake tomatoes for vegetables because they’re mostly used for cooking. And often think that fruit is what gives it sweetness. The tomatoes that are most popularly eaten are Sita Tomato cherry tomatoes

Tomatoes  are the most popular fruit in the world. There are still many benefits of tomato. Because it is rich in many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin P, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Medium-sized tomatoes will have a good amount of vitamin C. Half of a whole grapefruit ทางเข้า ufabet And one tomato contains 1/3 of the amount of vitamin A that the body needs per day! It also contains substances such as lycopene, carotenoids, beta-carotene, and amino acids, etc. Tomato are also classified as fruits that have medicinal properties, such as helping to prevent Hardening of blood vessels, diuresis, maintaining blood pressure, etc.

Freshly squeezed tomato juice is better than bottled or boxed tomato juice. And you should not choose to eat raw tomatoes. Because it may cause more harm to the body than it will benefit. And eating large amounts of tomatoes has no side effects at all. Research on tomato has shown that eating tomatoes 10 times a week is considered very beneficial to the body because it is highly effective in preventing cancer. and clearly good for skin health

Properties of tomatoes

  1. Helps the body fight asthma by up to 45%
  2. Helps prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  3. Helps treat scurvy. Scurvy
  4. Helps prevent hardening of blood vessels.
  5. Tomato have a diuretic effect.
  6. Helps treat high blood pressure
  7. Helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
  8. Helps reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis. occurrence of heart attack For those who smoke regularly
  9. Helps prevent ischemic heart disease.
  10. It helps in the digestive system in the stomach and facilitates bowel movement.
  11. Helps stop the growth of fungus or fungus in the mouth.
  12. Helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  13. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men by up to 45% if you eat tomato regularly.
  14. Helps reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women.
  15. Ketchup can help relieve pain after a fall or cut.