5 causes of menstrual pain and methods

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Girls, have you ever wondered why menstruation is accompanied by abdominal pain? And have you ever wondered what causes menstrual pain? Including how to relieve menstrual pain. Because it cannot be denied that during menstruation It is considered a very cruel time for women . Today we invite the ladies Let’s clear up questions about the causes and methods of relieving menstrual cramps.

5 causes of menstrual pain

When it’s time for menstruation Menstrual cramps began to come immediately. Most of the time, abdominal pain usually occurs 1-2 days before your period. Or some people may have abdominal pain while menstruating. The symptoms that each person experiences are different according to ยููฟ่าเบท สมัคร ufabet their own physical condition. There will be both twisting and intermittent pain in the lower abdomen. Pain radiating to the back and thighs Some people also experience nausea, vomiting, loose diarrhea and dizziness. These menstrual cramps may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Endometriosis

As for this condition, it causes severe abdominal pain. Symptoms may last for more than 6 months and often affect having children.

2. Ovarian cyst

This is caused by abnormalities in hormone levels that cause many cysts to form in the ovaries. This causes menstruation to come irregularly or last longer than usual.

3. Uterine tumors

This is most common in women aged 30 years and older who have tumors in the muscles of the uterus. The tumors can range from very small to as large as a watermelon. Affects pregnancy and may make it difficult to have children. The presenting symptom is severe abdominal pain. Menstrual periods are heavy and come for an unusually long time.

4. Pelvic inflammation

Pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by an infection in the reproductive organs. Have pain in the pelvic floor and the vaginal discharge has a fishy odor

5. Cervical stenosis

The cause of abdominal pain is cervical stenosis, which blocks the flow of menstrual blood. And there is also very heavy pressure in the uterus. Until causing abdominal pain and irregular menstruation