Be aware of 4 dangerous eye diseases!

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There are many signs of physical health problems from an advanced age. But one obvious sign and significantly reduced quality of life is a problem related to eye health that may visit us sooner than expected Are there any diseases to be aware of? And what danger signs does each disease have that can warn us?

1. Cataract  

Condition in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. It will be more with age. In the early stages, there may not be symptoms that interfere with vision. But after a period of time until cataracts become more will make vision worse And there may be complications that can lead to permanent blindness.

cataract symptoms will not be clearly visible as usual causing the vision to look cloudy and cloudy It also gives the ability to see in dim places. or decrease at night May see scattered light from lights in the dark, such as when driving at night and there is a car in the park, etc. In addition, the ability to see colors will also be abnormal from reality as well.

Treatment People with symptoms of cataracts should examine by an ophthalmologist. to be treated with surgery only

2. Glaucoma (Glaucoma) 

Cause by an abnormality of the optic nerve with millions of nerve fibers damaged and abnormally high intraocular pressure. resulting in the destruction of nerve fibers which is responsible for transmitting visual information from the eyeball to the brain for image processing

symptoms of glaucoma The most common type of glaucoma is chronic glaucoma or primary glaucoma, with loss of vision around the periphery of eye diseases the visual field. The vision is narrowe to the point that it is like looking through a tube. When a blind spot appears in the patient’s field of vision and expands narrows the field of vision of the patient. If not treated in time Patients may lose their vision permanently. Another less common type of glaucoma is acute angle closure glaucoma, which causes blurred vision, red eyes, and severe eye pain. due to the rapid increase in intraocular pressure

Current treatment for glaucoma There are both the use of eye drops. The use of lasers and surgery when the patient receives the correct treatment from the early stages of the disease. There is a high chance that the patient’s vision will preserved forever. and can control the symptoms of the disease without increasing the loss of the patient’s field of vision

3. AMD (Age-related macular degeneration) 

macular degeneration Due to age, the disease occurs in the tissues of the retina (retina), The center of the visual field and has the highest visual acuity. This disease will cause the degeneration of such tissues. And causes blind spots in the center of the image that we can see. There are 2 types of AMD, wet AMD and dry AMD.

4. Vitreous degeneration 

cause by the vitreous inside the eyeball. It changes into a liquid form and becomes a watery substance as you age. The protein fibers within the vitreous will precipitate in a wedge-like manner. Or thicker fibers causing shadows to fall on the retina causing us to see lines or scratches or cobwebs floating around This shadow that floats around is a vitreous that has deteriorated.

Symptoms of macular degeneration Often visible lines or coarse, gray or black blemishes. And this shadow will move slightly when the eyes roll. It is generally more slowly. or remain constant for a long time Or in some cases, it may fade by itself.