Ten Hag insists Man Utd’s players continue training

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Ten Hag insists Man Utd’s players continue training during the break against Manchester City.

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has confirm that he will spending time in the off- season and international break to prepare for the clash with Manchester United City next month, According to the UFABET.

The Red Devils team has no program to play in the Football League this week. As the game against Leeds United has postponed and will then be the international break according to the FIFA Day calendar, which lasts about two weeks.

However, Ten Hag has confirmed that he will use that time to prepare the squad for both transfer planning and training, with their game against Manchester City on that day. October 2, which is an important battle.

“You always take advantage during breaks like this. We had several meetings. We need to restructure both inside and outside the club. we will do this There is also talk about the January market or next summer market. including the development and planning of playing guidelines”

“Of course we have the next match programme. It’s going to be a game every three days and we have to be ready for those games. 90% of the players go to the national team but the others will continue training. We have to prepare well.”

“Then I hope everyone is fit. Come back strong and we will keep moving forward,” said Ten Hag.