Sheffield United FC would like to cancel head coach.

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Sheffield United FC would like to cancel head coach Paul Heckingbottom’s pre-match press conference on Monday (local) for the home match against Liverpool (Dec. 6). It is expected that he is preparing to be released from the club position. And have Chris Wilder return to his original role

Report from ‘Telegraph Football’ that the last straw for the 46-year-old coach was a disastrous loss to Burnley, who ran away 0-5 last weekend. Until the bottom of the table had 5 points from playing 14 matchday. 

After the match at Young Turf Moor. The English coach criticize the administration’s policy for giving importance to the financial situation. More than considering football performance. Leading to the sale of many key players who work their way up to the English Premier League. Whether it be Xander Berge or Iliman Ndiaye UFABET

Heckingbottom Was officially appointed to Young Bramall Lane in November 2021 can take Sheffield United to automatic promotion to the top league. Because they finish 2nd in the English Championship season 2022-23. 

But he is about to be the first manager of the English Premier League season 2023-24 to have to step down from his position.

The favorite to take the position is Wilder, who will return to take the position for the second time. From holding the reins between May 2016- March 2021. 

The 56-year-old English coach is unemploy after being release by Watford in May. 

In line with the situation, various gambling dens have close accepting bets on the next English Premier League manager to step down from his position.