Nathaniel Phillips reveals he’s extremely excited about joining Celtic.

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Nathaniel Phillips reveals his excitement after moving from Liverpool to Celtic on loan this season. The 26-year-old footballer agreed to stay with “White-green zebra” with a short-term contract until January. Ready to receive the number 6 shirt to the club.

Phillips spoke to Celtic TV after joining the team. “I’m really excited. When I heard about this interest. Which makes me really excited.”UFABET 

“There were other options from a few clubs but it didn’t make me feel the same here. So I’m eager to reach an agreement. And I’m glad to be here now.

When asked about his decision to join Celtic, Phillips said: “It’s the history of the club. This is a great club. Club inspiration level of competition. They are in the Champions League this year. The club wants to win trophies in every competition they play.”

For Nathaniel Phillips, he is the 8th player that Brendan Rodgers has brought to join the team this summer. After Odin Thiago Holm, Marco Tilio, Kwon Hyuk. -Q, Yang Hyun-Jun, Mait Navrocki, Gustave Lagerbilke and Luis Palma. 

Twenty of these games came during the 2020-21 season when he was a key part of Jurgen’s team. Klopp finished third in the Premier League.

Last season, the 26-year-old played five games for Liverpool. The most recent being the Emirates FA Cup game against Wolverhampton at Molineux in January.