Ben Foster officially hangs up his gloves after rejecting

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Ben Foster officially hangs up his gloves. After rejecting an offer to join Newcastle United.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster and several other clubs have announced that he will hang up his gloves following the expiration of his contract at Watford last season.

The 39-year-old has decided to end his career that started in 2001, playing for up to 10 clubs throughout his career. It was at its peak when he moved to Manchester United in 2005 and went on to serve in the England senior team. He has played in all eight national teams. After being relegated by Watford last season. He’s out of contract with the team. Before receiving an offer from Newcastle United, but chose to reject the offer. and decided to quit playing professional football

“I got an offer from Newcastle. It’s a good deal. But I can’t do that. because it is to move house And that’s what can kill me. I had to move to an apartment in Newcastle and live alone. I don’t think most people will understand. But I’m still difficult for me, especially considering my age. Everything doesn’t allow me to do that.”

“It would be wonderful to work with Nick Pope, I love him as well as working with Newcastle goalkeeper Adam Bartlett. It must have been a wonderful time. But I choose not to do that.”

Foster His hobbies that are about to become his main job include making a YouTuber with “The Cycling GK” channel, which has over 1.1 million subscribers, and his own personal podcast called “Fozcast”, both of which. People who talk about football purely.