Bruno compliments ‘Lisha’ for making a difference-combo

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Manchester United’s outspoken playmaker Bruno Fernandes says Lisandro Martinez has made a difference for them. And the defender pairs up brilliantly with Raphael Varane.

The Argentine was brought in by Erik ten Hag from Ajax Amsterdam for €57m last summer.

Despite controversy over his size and facing difficulties during his early days in the Premier League, Martinez quickly became a regular for the Red Devils, making 45 appearances before the break ended. After an injury-hit season,

Bruno praised Martinez’s quality and personality for making him so beloved by fans

. But I also know his ability on the ball. because I watched him play,” he told UFABET report

“I know he can play well from behind. Of course we know from Argentinian pedigree. with a greater thirst and desire than usual Which you can tell that he will be more dedicated than usual. You know when an Argentine player moves in. He’ll add something… Many things that the team is still missing ′′ ′

′ And Licha came in well. He took the position and became a player that people could not expect. From his height to play in the Premier League. Because we know it’s a league that uses a lot of physicality. But I’m not that strong either and I’ve been playing here for 3 years.

” It helps him do well.”

“I know the fans will love Licha’s personality, I know why the United fans here like someone who is demanding, someone who goes to the death, someone who wears all the mags in a game, someone who gives everything. in the field And I think Lisha always does that. Whether you play well or badly “I think his

attitude and what he does in games is what makes the fans like him.

” which is a great complement to each other

“I think he came in well and changed the team. We started using the same players more often. And I think he did that in a lot of games playing alongside Rafa,” he added.

“Because Rafa is a very cool player. That’s the difference between Licha and Rafa as we said. They are like water and wine.”

“They support each other very well because Rafa is cool. He knows the same rhythm as Licha, but Licha is kind of… similar to me. He had a burning heat inside him. That often leaves us indifferent ′′

I believe that Rafa has promoted Licha very well, as well as Victor (Lindelof), but I think he has found stability as a player with. Rafa, which should make him even better. They played many games together. Which made us feel very comfortable. From the tight quality behind And I believe Licha can make a big difference for us.”