Cat fungus! Nearby dangers from pets to people

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Cat fungus! Nearby dangers from pets to people.

Cat slave! You must be careful of the danger nearby: fungal diseases from pets to people. It is an infection that does not take long to heal. But when it does, it often leaves behind dark spots on the skin. This is considered a treatment that takes quite a long time. Especially the problem of recurrence. This causes the traces to become more and more numerous. This is another problem that animal owners must understand. Report from

What is cat fungus?

                   The most common cat fungus is Microsporum canis. It is a fungus that lives on the skin of animals. without causing disease But can be transmitted to people through direct contact. without the need for wounds It makes it easy for pet owners to get fungal infections from cats. Behaviors that lead to infection such as holding, hugging, sleeping in the same bed, etc.

Symptoms of cat fungal infection

                   There is a red rash on the skin that is circular in shape and has scaly patches around it that are slowly expanding into a wider area. And you feel itchy all the time. If you scratch, your finger accidentally scratches another area, which can cause that area to become infected with fungus.

How to treat cat fungal infections

  • If you have few symptoms There is a small rash, 1-2 spots. Use fungicide ointment continuously for about 3 weeks. The rash will gradually disappear.
  • If you have many symptoms Rash all over the body Both topical and oral medicine must be used together. Duration of treatment from 3 weeks or more.
  • This section is for treating infections. This is not a cure for hyperpigmentation caused by infection. And even though the fungus symptoms have disappeared The dark marks from the infection will remain. It will fade on its own within 2-3 months and usually no scars will appear.

Why do black spots from fungus on some cats last for a long time?

From what was said above It is said that black marks from cat fungus will disappear within 2-3 months, but it has been found that some people have it for longer than that. The reason is that there is a recurrence which is very common. Causes endless wrinkles and dark spots. The old marks haven’t disappeared yet. A new mark appeared. Makes you not realize that the original marks have disappeared. So I thought it had been going on for a long time. But in reality, it is the recurrence of the fungus.

Preventing cat fungus and its recurrence

  • Clean your hands and various organs every time after coming into contact with pets.
  • Clean pets regularly.
  • Clean items inside the house that pets come into contact with, such as sofas, pillows, floor rugs, etc.
  • If there is a cat fungal infection After treating a person Pets should be treated as well.
  • Do not interact with pets too much, such as sleeping in the same bed.

Can other pets give their owners yeast infections?

In addition to cats, other pets can also cause fungal infections to their owners. If contact occurs and the pet has the fungus. Therefore, you should practice appropriate measures of cleanliness for the caretaker, pets, and household items.

Can pet fungus be transmitted from person to person?

Fungus in pets can be transmitted from person to person. Through touching or using certain things together, such as wearing clothes together But the symptoms are not as severe as those transmitted from animals. which is a cross-species contact

Groups at risk of infection from pets include 

people with weak immune systems, children and the elderly.

Things in pets that cause disease

  • Fungus
  • virus
  • bacteria
  • Parasites (ticks, fleas, mites)

Other diseases caused by pets

  • Scabies. Characteristics of animals with scabies are like scabies. But it is not leprosy. Hair falls out and can transmitte to humans.
  • Allergies cause by parasites (mites) in pets.
  • Rabies cause by a virus.